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Home inspections in Sacramento are an integral element of the process of buying, selling, or maintaining a home or commercial property.

Good Life Inspections’ team shares over a hundred years of combined experience in delivering top-tier services in Sacramento and the surrounding area. We understand the unique considerations of the local real estate market.

So, if you’ve been searching for a “home inspection company near me” in North Cali, look no further, as you are already in the right place.

Buy or Sell your home with comfort when you have a Good Life Inspections report for your property. 

Which Type of Inspection Will Benefit You the Most

Purchasing a home or commercial property with no inspection is always a mug's game. Instead of taking that risk, entrust our expert team to thoroughly check the property for you.

Buyer Home Inspection

They’ll spot any ongoing or potential issues and present you with a detailed report and repair cost estimation. Armed with that knowledge, you can make a much more informed decision on the purchase and adjust your offer accordingly.

Pre-listing Home Inspection

Our professional team will carefully assess your property's current condition and provide you with a list of all the issues you can address to increase its appeal to potential buyers. Oftentimes, a minor investment in repair results in doubling the revenue from the future real estate deal. Even if you are not going to fix anything, it is wise to get a full picture of your property’s condition before it goes on the market. 

We do pre-listing inspections for homes that are in ship shape! Its not only good to have a pre-listing inspection on homes that appear to be in bad shape but good ones as well. It gives the seller an edge over other homes on the market.

General Home Inspection

If you want to ensure your home is totally safe and in good technical condition, contact us today to book the expert home inspection services Sacramento has to offer. Our team of certified technicians will help you identify all your maintenance or repair needs. After that, Good Life can handle these works for you in a timely manner and at a competitive price

What does a home inspection include

To protect your investments, a real estate inspection needs to be thorough, all-encompassing, and professionally executed. Good Life, as one of Sacrameto’s most trusted home inspection firms, is fully equipped to conduct an in-depth assessment of these areas:

  • Structural integrity We’ll check the load-bearing walls, foundation, attic, and exterior to ensure the building is completely safe and durable.
  • Electrics: All your electrical panels (primary and subsidiary), as well as every visible wire, switch, outlet, and lighting unit, will be carefully examined to ensure it’s accident-proof.
  • Kitchen Equipment: We’ll not only try out the kitchen appliances’ functionality and safety to use but also run their serial numbers through the RecallCHEK© for any recalls.
  • Plumbing & Sewer: We’ll examine all the visible plumbing infrastructure and estimate the technical state of the main water shut-off, water heaters, bathroom and kitchen faucets, sanitary ware, etc. Also, we’ll check your drainage arrangement and assess the water flow on the property.
  • Walls & Fences: We inspect the condition of your fences and retaining walls so you can have peace of mind knowing those are solid and built up to safety standards.
  • HVAC Systems: We’ll perform an in-depth assessment of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems’ tech state and performance. Among other things, we’ll check the airflow through your premises, gauge the temperatures of your heating and AC, and inform you of any visible defects or outdated unit models.
  • Crawlspace: Our team will thoroughly inspect your crawlspace’s foundation and framing, as well as all the electrical and plumbing setups installed in it.
  • Roofing & Eaves: we’ll check the roof’s technical state and the condition of flashings and gutter systems.

The Home Inspection Process

Let’s skip the part where you search “home inspection services near me” as you’ve already found the best option possible and move to the next step. Typically, the GoodLife’s inspection process has three main stages:

  1. Scheduling: First, you dial (916) 481-0268 or fill in the online form to book your appointments with our expert team. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions, provide you with a home inspection cost estimation, and schedule the time of your safety home inspection on a day and hour of your choice.
  2. Inspection Day: The team of certified professionals carefully examines your property. We’ll assess the technical condition and safety of all the structural components, systems, fiaxtures, and appliances, both visible and hidden in a crawl space.
  3. Reporting: You receive a detailed, neatly structured report presenting all the inspectors’ findings in a clear, no-lingo manner. Plus, we can estimate the cost of essential repair work and materials (for damage findings, does not apply to maintenance items).

How much does a home inspection cost in Sacramento?
What does a home inspection include in California?

What is a Home Inspection Company Looking for?

  • Exterior: cracks, dents, bulging, sagging, missing elements, and installation faults. Plus, poorly leveled stairs and porches, as well as doors and windows that won’t properly close or open.
  • Roof: surface flaws, gutter clogs, faulty or poorly installed skylights, and chimney perforations. 
  • Safety: unsteady railings and faulty or missing fire and CO alarms.
  • Attic: structural and insulation defects, water stains.
  • Basement: foundation defects, mold, termite and water damage.
  • Plumbing: piping defects, drain clogs, malfunctioning fixtures and appliances, plus any issues with water flow, pressure, or temperature.
  • Electricity: malfuncioning lights, switchers and outlets, faulty circuit breaker panels, and damaged wires.
  • HVAC: fireplace and ductwork defects, malfunctioning exhaust fans, and faulty heating and cooling systems.

But wait, there is more! Unlike many other home inspections Sacramento has to offer, GoodLife experts will also assess the following:

  • Air quality in your premises.
  • State of the outdoor structures, Patio, SPA, and pool.
  • Pest-induced damage (from both termites and rodents)/
  • Hard-to-reach areas, like crawl spaces.

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Need to know more about home inspection cost or how long it takes? Get the details you need in our blog article.


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