Commercial Inspections in Sacramento

Good Life Inspections offers all-embracing commercial building inspection agency in Sacramento, surrounding cities, and across the entire Bay Area. Our certified experts will carefully examine your office, shop floor, salesroom, or any other commercial property. After that, you will receive a detailed report on its tech condition and compliance with industry standards.

Types of Commercial Property Inspectors Can Check for You

When a California resident types “the best commercial property inspection near me in Sacramento” in the search bar, they will surely come across Good Life’s page. That’s because we have a wealth of experience in servicing all types of property throughout the area.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of properties that we can expertly evaluate:

Rental apartments
Shopping premises
Production floors
Office units
Catering establishments
Multi-family housing
Storage facilities

What is Included in a Commercial Inspection?

During your commercial property inspection, a team of certified professionals will evaluate the tech state and safety of these systems and components:

  • Walls, inner and outer;
  • Flooring;
  • Doors, windows, and other millwork;
  • Insulation and cladding;
  • Lighting and electrics;
  • Plumbing and drainage;
  • HVAC systems;
  • Roof and rain-pipes.

You will receive our detailed, easy-to-read report in 2-3 business days.

Why You Should Hire a Commercial Building Inspector

  • No surprise repair expenses down the line;
  • Getting the full view of the property’s value;
  • Separating urgent repairs from no-rush ones;
  • An opportunity to plan ahead with the repairs;
  • Getting a fair quote for materials and work.

Other Commercial Building Inspections We Offer

You won’t believe how much time you can save by booking all the inspections you need with the same team. Good Life’s commercial property inspector is also certified to handle a full-on home inspection and evaluate the state of your roof, sewer, pool, and SPA.

Plus, if our team finds traces of termite or pest activity on your property, we can refer you to Good Life Pest Solutions for qualified and safe control services. And if you want to start the repair process right away, Good Life Construction offers top-tier renovation, remodeling, upgrade, and repair services. Our experts have all the tools and experience to meet the client’s needs to the fullest.

How do I become a commercial building inspector in California?
How do I get a building permit in Sacramento?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a new construction inspection?
This is the service that involves inviting a certified commercial real estate inspector to examine the newly built property and assess its safety, structural integrity, and compliance with all the relevant standards, codes, and regulations.
How much does a commercial building inspection cost?
Good Life commercial inspection cost can vary from 15 cents per square foot to 50 cents per square foot, depending on the occupancy.
Why is a commercial home inspection necessary?
Professional commercial building inspection services help you protect your investments. There is no other way to be sure your property’s value won’t drop, and the new estate you are about to buy is fairly priced.
What qualifications do your inspectors have?
In Sacramento building inspector services can’t be provided without all the relevant certifications and licenses. That’s why we always keep those up to date. Plus, we have a strong background in assessing all commercial property types and never fail to learn the latest inspection practices.
Can you provide estimates for repair costs based on inspection findings?
Our sister company, Good Life Construction, will provide you with a fair and accurate estimate of all necessary repairs and reconstruction, with due account for materials and logistics.
How far in advance should I schedule a commercial inspection?
With us, you can choose the time for your inspection that suits your schedule. Don’t hesitate to contact Good Life Inspections outside of regular hours, as we’ll be there to pick up your call 24/7.

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