Sewer Inspection Services in Sacramento

At Good Life Inspections, we know for a fact that a properly functioning sewer system is a critical element of your home’s safety and utility. The sooner you find out about a leak, blockage, or deterioration sign, the less costly the repair will be. Our certified inspectors will detect any existing or potential issues and offer a feasible solution to restore and maintain your property's value.

Comprehensive Sewer Inspections

Electronic Sewer Line Location

Even if you are unsure where your sewer line is, that won’t be a problem for our inspectors. We have all the tools and equipment to deliver top-tier service, including the advanced electronic line locator.

During a sewer line camera inspection, we look for:

Cloggings and obstacles

Root ingrowth

Corrosion or wear-off

Cracks, leaks, and other damage

Our Sewer Line Inspection Services

By the use of cutting-edge digital technology, our team can thoroughly examine your sewer line scope with no damage to your property. A flexible high-definition borescope camera allows us to get a clear view of your pipes in real-time and record video for future reference and report.

After inspection, we will walk you through our findings and provide a detailed report with maintenance recommendations. If we find any issues, we will refer you to our sister construction company Good Life Construction. They have in-house specialists, equipment, and expertise to deliver first-class execution of any necessary repairs.

Our Comprehensive Inspection Process

Our trained inspectors are fully equipped with top-of-the-line tools and electronics to perform the most thorough sewer inspection in Sacramento. Here are the main steps of the process:

Preparation: we gather all the necessary info, including the property’s layout and plumbing history, and then we plan the inspection.

Access Point: our technician will locate your sewer system’s outdoor clean-out or the main house sewer trap.

Assessment: the tech navigates the high-definition inspection camera through the pipes, observing their condition on a monitor.

Analysis: we review the recorded footage and tech’s notes to data to get a full understanding of the situation.

Consultation: our inspector communicates the inspection’s results, narrates his findings, helps you plan the repair and maintenance works, and answers all the questions you may have.

Plus, you will receive a detailed report with video files for visual reference.

7 Signs You Need A Sewer Scope Inspection

Before buying a house or investing in a new property, a thorough inspection is an absolute must-have, as that’s the only way to avoid unpleasant surprises. As for the homeowners and landlords, here are some signs that may indicate potential sewer system issues:

  • The building is old: 25+ year old houses often have fragile clay sewer pipes.
  • Pest infestation: rodents often clog and damage the sewer piping.
  • Water backups: those are the most common signs of line failure.
  • Soil movement: weather-inflicted ground shifts often damage pipe joints.
  • Overgrown greenery: lash grass patches often mean underlying septic leaks.
  • Large trees in the yard: roots tend to compress, clog, and break sewer lines.

Benefits of Choosing Good Life Inspections

  • Economy of Means: sewer line camera inspection cost plus preventive maintenance is a fraction of the full-blown repair price.
  • Detailed Assessment: our reports are always detailed, well-structured, and easy to follow, with no jargon or curly terms.
  • Total Transparency: we keep the communication line open and always take our time answering your questions and offering practical insights.
  • Advanced Technology: our experts use top-of-the-line electronic equipment, so no issues within your sewer system can slip under the radar.
  • Customer Focus: we treat every property as our own and go above and beyond to ensure total customer satisfaction.
  • Professional Expertise: our inspectors know everything about the unique soil conditions and infrastructure of Sacramento and surrounding areas.

Partner with Us for Your Peace of Mind

At Good Life Inspections, we made it our mission to always deliver excellent service with your best interest in mind. We know how to make your sewer system perform to its best ability and ensure that your property is safe and protected.

Give us a call or use our online form to schedule your next sewer inspection appointment, and let our pro team deal with any existing or potential sewer-related issues for you.

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