11th Month Warranty Inspection Services

Our professional 11th Month Warranty Inspection service will bring many benefits to any new homeowner in Sacramento and the surrounding area. Our expert technicians will identify all the issues that are to be covered under your builder's warranty. In this way, you can get them promptly fixed free of charge and avoid major repair expenses down the line.

What is an 11-month Warranty Inspection

An 11-month warranty inspection was named this way because new homeowners often schedule their warranty inspections around the eleventh month post-completion.In this way, they will have time to file for free repairs before the builder's one-year warranty expires. But you are free to schedule that necessary home inspection at any time within that first year from the date the construction of your home was officially completed.

Why Choose Us for Your 11 Month Warranty Inspection

Detailed Evaluation: At Good Life Inspections, we always have the client’s best interest in mind. That’s why we go beyond the industry standard for warranty inspections. Our experts will thoroughly assess every aspect of your property – structures, systems, and appliances– to ensure everything is totally safe and identify every problem, existing or potential.

Builder Warranty Compliance: We know exactly what is covered by the builder's warranty and what isn’t, and we will provide you with a detailed list for your claim. Plus, we’ll look into other warranties you may have for home appliances and systems so that you can file for compensation before the warranty period ends.

Comprehensive Report: We’ll provide you with a neatly structured, no-jargon report featuring detailed descriptions of all our findings backed up by clear photographs. The information we provide will also be helpful for planning future repairs that aren’t covered by the builder’s warranty.

What's Included in Our Home Warranty Inspection?

Our certified team will assess the technical state and safety of every system, unit, and element in your home, including:

  • Exterior: roofing, gutters, downpours, siding, drywall, windows, doors, decks, porches, foundation, etc,
  • Interior: walls, partitions, ceilings, floors, panels, staircases, inner doors, cabinets, attic, basement, insulation, etc.
  • Electrics: lighting, wires, outlets, and appliances
  • Plumbing: pipes, connections, fittings, drainage, faucets, bath and toilet equipment, etc.
  • HVAC systems and equipment
  • Fireplaces and chimneys

Plus, we’ll help you identify early signs of pest, termite, and dry rot damage.

How Does it Work?

Step 1: Booking an appointment. Give us a call or use our online form to schedule an appointment with the inspector.

Step 2: Inspection day. Our ace tech team arrives at your property and conducts a thorough examination while documenting their findings.

Step 3: Detailed Reporting. In 2-3 business days, you will receive a comprehensive report. There, you will find all the data you need for your building company so they can deal with the warranty-covered issues for you.

How Much Does Home Warranty Inspection Cost?

On average, this type of inspection will cost you around $300 to $600. The price mainly depends on the location and size of your house and what extra services you’d like to include.

Schedule Your 11th Month Warranty Inspection Today

Getting your new home professionally assessed can save you a fortune in repair costs. But you need to book your inspection at least three weeks before your warranty period expires, as it usually takes some time to process claims. At Good Life Inspections, we share over a hundred years of combined experience in the field, so we know everything about Sacramento’s local regulations, standards, and builder's codes. All our inspectors are highly skilled, certified, and insured. We offer a home inspection warranty covering repairs of items that were in proper working order at the time of inspection.

Contact us today, and we’ll happily answer any questions you may have and come up with a customized solution tailored to meet your specific needs to the fullest.

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